Our References
Motion Picture for Television made by VDM
View a short compilation of our main projects in 2014 !
VDM certified by LOVEFILM
VDM is certified by LOVEFILM for the delivery of your films and series.
VDM is certified by Google
In 2012, VDM became the first French laboratory to be certified by Google for the delivery of your films on their new platform.
VDM chosen by FIPA
In 2011, VDM was chosen for hosting and online screening of the films selected for the festival.
Official partner of TVFI
In 2011, VDM was chosen for hosting and online screening of 4000 hours of video accessible on the TVFI website.
CAPRICA, the whole series on Blu-ray
Full and innovative premastering for Universal Pictures in 2001. All five discs provide highly sophisticated interactivity with neat menus.
VDM is certified by iTunes Films & TV
After iTunes certified VDM in 2008 for delivery of content for Store TV, VDM was certified in 2011 for the delivery of films both in French and multilingual.
A Worldwide Blu-ray!
VDM produced the international Blu-ray edition of Apocalypse Now: mutilingual subtitling, material preparation... An edition with three discs.
VDM certified by CDSA
In January 2011, VDM got the CDSA certification, which ensures all our clients maximum security for all their content.
A Turtle's Tale: Sammy's Adventures
The fist ever made 3D Blu-ray in France, for a commercial release in december 2010. Today, the disc remains the ultimate reference for 3D demo !