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Management of file based rushes

Slowly but surely, 16mm and 35mm rushes are being replaced by digital footage directly from cameras. Thanks to our DataLab, VDM has implemented a suite of services that address these new needs. From the "development" of these new files sent to us straight from shooting to their protection and logging, everything is set up so that you can make the most of these precious data in the best possible conditions.

Uncompressed formats

For some very specific uses, picture and sound compression isn't possible, which means a considerable amount of data to process, especially because resolution is so important. The commonest formats are tga, dpx, bmp image sequences and QuickTime uncompressed sequences.VDM naturally supports all those formats, whatever their final use may be.

Mezzanine formats

The production quality of mezzanine formats is key as they’re the source for the production of broadcast-ready and VOD files, and even cassette reprints in some cases.

VDM therefore places great emphasis on the production of high quality mezzanine formats as these precious elements are considered to be real "masters". Currently, the two commonest formats are MXF and QuickTime. Our DataLab has thorough knowledge of these files, which it produces for our clients’ accounts on a daily basis.

Distribution formats

There are many distribution formats and they're often complicated to implement. Produced mostly from a mezzanine file, as well as their codecs, they contain technical and editorial metadata, which requires the creation of packages. To handle that complexity, VDM has developed accurate and innovative methods via which we produce, every month, several hundreds of those files intended for VOD, television, the Web or the cinema.

Data archiving

The arrival of dematerialisation at our laboratory entails increasing volumes of data to process. Just as for physical archiving, very special precautions must be taken and content protection is a key factor to which VDM has given special attention. Nothing is more volatile than a file. Therefore every element we are asked to archive is systematically stored twice.

File delivery

In audio-visual, file delivery is no simple task. The security of programmes, the volume of data at stake and the usually tight deadlines make up an equation often hard to work out.

Whether via a hard drive, specialised links or even a very fast Internet connection (many hundreds of Mbits/s), VDM has set up a range of specific services to address those important issues.

Hard drive encryption, connections with the main operators on the market and the use of SmartJog, Aspera or Signiant solutions: we have all solutions available to satisfy the most complex requests.

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