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The first laboratory to be equipped in France, since 1998, VDM has performed encoding, authoring, computer graphics and premastering for hundreds of DVDs. It also works with most content publishers on a daily basis. Thanks to its teams' expertise in DVD technologies and in the management of complex projects, VDM has been entrusted with numerous prestigious titles both in France and abroad.


Just as for the DVD, VDM produced the first Blu-ray discs in France in the summer of 2006. In the past few years, over 300 Blu-rays have been produced at VDM for major publishers. In 2008, VDM was the first French laboratory to carry out two projects with Picture-In-Picture.

Blu-Ray 3D

Remaining true to its history, VDM is proud to have carried out the first Blu-ray 3D pre-mastering of a film for a cinema release in France (A Turtle's Tale: Sammy's Adventures for StudioCanal).  Great investment was made then. From encoding stations to check rooms, all the equipment and working methods were renewed to meet the specificities of this type of service.

Digital Copy

To satisfy the nomad needs of users who want to view their programmes not only on a TV set but also on their computers (Mac or PC) or mobile devices (smartphones, tablets), VDM produces digital copies in the two commonest formats: Windows Media and QuickTime.

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