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Fiction Post-production
Backed by VDM's 40 years' experience, our Fiction Department combines analog and cutting-edge digital technologies: HDCam SR, RED and Alexa. Our lab processes daily rushes as well as outputs via Open, an exclusive online service which allows you to manage content access, transfer and validation as well as streaming of the footage you send us, wherever you're based geographically. From the initial processing of rushes (cassettes or files) to the final delivery of broadcast-ready files, our Fiction Department covers all post-production services.

Management of file based rushes

Processing file based rushes involves protecting (daily archiving on physical media), checking (by an operator) and using (format conversion for processing with editing tools). VDM provides support and advice to ensure optimal and customised management in the implementation of these new working methods.

Picture and Sound Editing

Thanks to the 14 picture and sound editing suites linked to a dedicated nodal, at VDM you can work at a pleasant, light, soundproof and friendly environment. The suites are all on the same floor and they overlook a nice patio.

Compliance / special effects

Whatever the format of your footage, VDM has the following tools to address your needs: Nitris, Resolve, Pablo and Nucoda. A service for management of file based rushes, our DataLab, was specifically set up to ensure the protection of your data.

Colour grading

Collaborating regularly with the best lighting directors, VDM's Fiction Department listens attentively to cinematographers in order to fully grasp their expectations. Thanks to the variety of colour grading tools Quantel's Pablo and Digital Vision's Nucoda Film Master, combined with the talent of renowned operators, we’re able to meet even the most demanding requirements.


Many feature films that were selected and won prizes at festivals were mixed at VDM's big Dolby certified mixing suite. It's equipped with Euphonix S5 Fusion, Protools, Pyramix and V-Cube. VDM always listens attentively to mixing engineers to make sure they work comfortably in optimal conditions both technically and acoustically.

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Management of file based rushes
Data archiving