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In a dematerialised world, the quality of metadata is key. Good management of those data is vital to accurately ensure the quality and compliance of the work and services we provide, in a universe of multiple standards and norms.

Thanks to the implementation of tools and specific procedures, every month VDM produces hundreds of VOD elements and iTunes packages for the cinema successfully.


Open is the Groupe Transatlantic’s online media management platform.

Userfriendly and secure, Open allows all VDM clients immediate access to their media content (image, sound, files) on Mac, PC, iPhone or iPad. Thanks to this tool, both ongoing and ready to deliver projects can be accessed remotely, dowloaded, annotated, validated, shared or published.

Designed to facilitate collective work, Open is the ideal solution to communicate in a dematerialised world.


Thanks to Iris, a CRM tool designed and developed internally, VDM's clients can access and track their stored elements at any time, whether they’re physical or digital. Iris enables online access to stocks as well as details related to each stored element.


VDM's subtilting department uses Subtitle to create and manage subtitling files. This software was developed internally by VDM's R&D department to keep up with the technical evolutions in the audio-visual sector and ensure faster fulfilment of subtitling orders.

Subtitle processes multilingual as well as deaf and hard of hearing subtitles. It supports all standards and speeds.

Translators who work for VDM regularly have a secure remote access via Subtitle, which enables them to download their work videos. The subtitle file is then transferred to VDM for checking and logging before being used.


VDM's FTP server enables transfer of computer files in a secure environment (certified by CDSA). Thanks to a symmetrical bandwidth of many hundreds of Mb/s combined with great capacity disk space, managing and processing file transfers is easy, quick and secure.


The management of screening DVDs for our distributor customers is supported by the DVDoD interface. With a secure and customised access to this tool, our clients can check in real time the state of stocks of master DVDs and of DVDs ready for delivery. Through this inteface, you can also order online shipping of DVDs to predefined receivers.

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