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Picture and Sound Remastering

Support expertise and mechanical restoration

At VDM, the photochemical elements are handled by experienced staff. They are examined physically, put on film core again if necessary, and defective splices are restored. A cleaning machine removes dust before image scanning.

Scanning and Telecine

In 1999, VDM set up the first operational HD mastering chain in France. That chain has evolved. VDM now has Spirit 2K equipped with 16 mm and 35 mm film gates to allow image scanning before colour grading.

Colour Grading

VDM has great expertise in this field. Our colorists work with the latest tools: Quantel's Pablo and Digital Vision's FilmMaster. The latter allows up to 4K resolution and has many picture restoration tools integrated (DVO).

Picture and Sound Digital Restoration

Films and videos inevitably decay as they age. VDM has a department entirely dedicated to repairing picture and sound defects such as scratches, stains, distortions, deframing, instability, crackle, hiss, desynchronisation between picture and sound, etc. VDM handles estimation, planning and execution of all work of restoration, transfer and HD mastering so that these films be broadcast and enjoyed according to current quality standards.

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