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Video lab

Since it was created, VDM's video lab has pioneered in the development of technological innovations: full digitisation in the late 1990s, the first HD mastering lab set up in the early 2000s, a completely dematerialised technical chain implemented in 2011.

VDM handles all tasks of duplication, transfer, conversion of standard and SD or HD formats, standardisation, production, validation and delivery of broadcast-ready files, whatever the media and standard of the client’s elements may be.

The lab operates 24 hours a day.

The production director guarantees the quality of all the work. In regular contact with clients and TV channels, he plans all the production process carefully to make sure the broadcast-ready files we produce meet every aspect of the receiver's technical specifications.

Audio lab

Following the same logic as the video lab’s, VDM's audio lab has benefited from all technological innovations and it supports all analog, digital and digitised media.

VDM handles all the services of compliance, standardisation, compression and restoration required to obtain the receiver’s acceptance.

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